Shift Your Sh!t

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Is it time to work with a life coach?

Shift your Sh!t.

Shift your Mindset. Manifest your Dreams, with a Life Coach.

Identify and Reconcile where in your past it all started

 When you've felt blocked, you've tried it all and you know there's got to be another way.  We start with: Either an age regression or timeline therapy.  We identify where in your life it all started.  We shift the unhelpful out, then, help you refocus and shift your thoughts on yourself and your life.  You work with your life coach to improve your mindset and learn to manifest.

Shift Your Mindset

 Isn't it time to look past your circumstances and look at the possibilities of life? Isn't it time to set some goals and shift your focus to those?  When you shift your focus, you open up possibility. What you focus on, grows, so let's rein that intention in!

Shift into Manifesting

 When you work with a life coach, you'll gain focus and clarity. Then you'll be setting appropriate goals across different areas of your life.  You'll get access to a range of tools I call the Shitty Shifters backed up with the Manifesting Magic to  A) Shift your mindset into gear, and, B) To learn how to manifest your dreams.

Live Your Dreams

 Once you're empowered to shift the old stories, your next steps are to have Focused Abundance. Setting goals with an action plan.  You'll get to experience a hypnotherapy session. The goal? To plant your Abundance Garden with the right mix of seeds. Then to shift your gears to nurturing them.

Right now is THE best time for you to change your headspace. Believe in yourself and your abilities like a cannonball with no name. Get into the best phase of your life.  When you can manifest anything and you are in the right headspace – You know you have reached the 4th Week Session.

Seeds can't ask for more water and nourishment. We invite you to ask your life coach when you can start your transformation. All Questions welcomed.