Intuitive Psychic Readings $60 per 30 minutes.

Reiki $50 per half hour or $90 for an hour.


Single Program – $297

Single Program with 30 days support via phone and messenger as well as an MP3 download of the session – $547

Hypnotherapy Intensive Programs:

Shift Your Sh!t 30 Day program – $997
Join our group 30 day program. There are 4 group hypnotherapy sessions and 4 group coaching calls. There is also an MP3 download so that you can really start to see change. Group support on Facebook is provided as well as an accountability buddy option. This program is designed to help you shift your shit, shift your headspace into the right place to begin manifesting the good stuff into your life. Valued at over $3000

Unstick Your Stuck with Past Life Regressions – $997
This program is for those that are feeling that no matter what they try, they are stuck and are struggling to move forward. It is a 3 session program, which involves:
1) Age regression to identify and work through the point of getting stuck in this lifetime.
2) Past life regression to find out the link between this life and a past life.
3) Exploration of any other past lives significant to current life situations.

Please visit my facebook page or book a discovery call with Eileen at https://calendly.com/love-angels-light